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Autoclavable Flosspan




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Your two-pronged attack on plaque! Easy and effective one-hand flossing with scientific design and positive control for cleaning around a tooth and under the gum line.  The patented locking and tension action holds the floss absolutely taut which makes flossing a breeze!  Refill floss is readily available in unwaxed floss and the unit will readily accept over the counter floss spools from most manufacturers.

Key Benefits

bulletOne-handed operation
bulletContra angle design for easy access
bulletSelf-contained floss spool
bulletNon-melting autoclavable plastic



Description SKU # Price*
Autoclavable Flosspan 005 $8.95

* Prices do not include shipping or applicable taxes

This unit cannot be used in an alcohol or chemical clave machine

Last modified: 02/28/03